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The Importance of Dental Examination and Cleaning

Oral health is essential to our general well-being. Even when life gets really busy, brushing our teeth regularly is still part of our routine. Dental appointments may, however, sometimes take a back seat. But don’t forget that dental examination and cleaning are key to keeping your teeth and gums healthy!

Here’s why it’s important to make these appointments part of your dental care routine.

Preventive measure

Examination and cleaning can help prevent dental disease in many ways.

First, cleaning helps by removing all traces of plaque and tartar. Tartar buildup is inevitable, especially between the teeth where the gums meet. The tools used by your dental hygienist are the only ones that can completely remove it. Tartar is the main cause of problems such as gingivitis and cavities. In addition, cleaning is typically followed by polishing to smooth your teeth and prevent plaque buildup.

Dental examination is also an essential preventive measure. X-rays and a visual examination of your mouth will ensure that problems, such as a potential cavity or asymptomatic gingivitis, are detected at an early stage, allowing you to take action even before symptoms appear. Needless to say, this also helps you save a lot of money!

Measure to protect your health

You might think that gingivitis is not that big of a deal and that it can wait. Unfortunately, the impacts of oral problems are not limited to your mouth. Gum disease is linked to a variety of problems, including diabetes, respiratory conditions and cardiovascular disease. This is not to mention that you may even lose your teeth.

Don’t wait! Book your next examination and cleaning!


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